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Automotive Peace of Mind

Without knowing it, you could be driving a vehicle that’s ready to breakdown.  So how can you detect inevitable breakdowns, avoid headaches and increase your car’s performance?  Follow the advice from the best San Diego auto mechanic given in this article.

- Engine Oil.  Make sure to check your car’s oil when the engine is cold.  This will give you the most accurate reading since the oil has had time to settle down into it’s pan.  If the oil levels are low, add just enough to bring it up to the FULL mark on your dipstick.  Overfilling can cause the oil to foam which can jeopardize it’s lubricating properties.

- Brake Fluids.  Your car’s master brake cylinder is usually located somewhere in the back of the engine compartment.  Check your fluid regularly.  Fill to the full mark with clean, fresh fluid specific to your cars make and model.

- Power Steering.  Your power steering reservoir is usually near the front of the engine.  Make sure you have the correct levels.  If the car hasnt been running, it should reach the COLD mark.

- Coolant.  Never remove your radiator cap when the engine is hot.  If the coolant doesnt come to the base of the neck, gradually add a 50/50 mix of water and coolant.  Make sure the coolant level is up to the MAX line.  Pay attention to signs of rust or muddy, oily residue in the coolant.

- Belts.  Examine the wide serpentine belt that snales around all those pulleys along the engine.  Take note of any glazing, cracking or missing ribs on the belts underside.

- Hoses.  nearly all cars have three hoses connected to the radiator.  They tend to rot from the inside out, so merely looking at them won’t do.  Check with your San Diego auto mechanic if you need help.  If you find soft spots in the hoses, it could be rot.

- Washer Fluids.  Top off your windshield washer fluid tank as necessary.

- Tires.  Regularly checking the pressure and tread on all of your tires is crucial.  Use an air pressure gauge and tread guage accordingly.

- Transmission Fluids.  Different types of vehicles have their own procedures for checking the automatic transmission fluids so consult your owners manual or your local San Diego auto mechanic.

If you follow these measures at least once a month, you can likely stay one step ahead of your car’s breakdowns.

Twelve Tips To Follow To Help you Choose The Right San Diego Auto Mechanic

It doesn’t matter what type of car you drive when choosing between San Diego auto mechanics. You want the job done correctly the first time around.The following advice should take much of the guesswork out of finding a good repair establishment..


Just because a San Diego auto mechanic is right around the corner from you doesn’t mean you should choose that shop. Don’t be lazy, you need to look for someone reputable.

* Consult your vehicle manual first so you can get acquainted with your car and also make use of the manufacturer’s recommendations on suggested servicing.
* Start shopping for a repair facility before you need one; you can make better decisions when you are not rushed or in a panic.* Get referrals from trusted friends or family members. Word of mouth from those who have already found a good San Diego auto mechanic goes a long way.
* Check with your local consumer organization regarding the reputation of the shop in question.
* Prepare in advance for alternative transportation. If you have to leave your car at the auto mechanic shop, you’ll want to have a means of transportation on standby.

When you have found the San Diego auto mechanic you want to work with, I would suggest starting off with a minor repair or job first so you can see what type of work they do.

II. At the Shop

* Look for a neat, well-organized facility, with vehicles in the parking lot equal in value to your own and modern equipment in the service bays.
* Ask a lot of questions. A true professional will be transparent and be able to address all of your concerns upfront.
* Don’t be afraid to ask for references. When you get them, call them and ask about their experience with that San Diego auto mechanic.
* Ask them if they specialize in your type of vehicle or have any manufacturer promotions or specials.
* Ask if the shop usually does your type of repair, especially if you need major work.
* Make note of any service awards or approval certificates in and around the shop. This will help you be confident that the shop is ethical and well qualified.

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How To Choose The Right Auto Mechanic Quote

Deciding On The Right San Diego Auto Mechanic

Car repairs can be a big headache. Having to pay for expensive car repairs can be extremely frustrating. One of the most common mistakes many people make is automatically assuming that their car dealer is the best place to go for the service they need on their vehicles. Have you ever heard that saying, “Don’t judge a book by its cover”? You should check with an independent San Diego auto mechanic before making any decisions. Don’t feel like the original car dealership is your only option for your vehicles repairs.

When you are faced with car repairs that need to be made on your vehicle, the first thing you are going to want to do is get quotes from your local San Diego auto mechanic. This is done to avoid being surprised, or out right shocked, by repair costs while physically in the auto repair shop or being put in a situation where the price of repair is more than you can afford. If you don’t want to be taken advantage of, make sure you check with one or two San Diego auto mechanics.

There are usually three different types of quotes that auto mechanics working at repair shops will give someone calling to inquire. However, don’t be surprised if your local auto mechanic will not give you a quote over the phone. You’ll simply want to move on to the next. Other auto repair shops will give an extremely low price that is, in some cases, unrealistic, in hopes of getting you into their location so that they can attempt to over charge you for additional parts or labor. Sometimes shops providing inexpensive quotes will actually live up to their claims but will cut many corners are use inferior parts that will cost you more money over time since you will have to return to the shop at later dates to have the initial problem looked at again. Lastly, there are auto mechanics that will give extremely detailed, often expensive, quotes over the phone that cover ever situation and scenario that are usually extremely confusing and hard to follow.

Of course, it’s up to you in the end to make an educated choice based on your experience and logic. Keep in mind, you always get what you pay for so never make a decision solely based on price of the San Diego auto mechanic.

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Finding A Reliable San Diego Auto Mechanic

Finding a Reliable San Diego Auto Mechanic

Auto repair is something we all have to deal with at some point in time. We often wait until there’s a problem with our car to see an auto mechanic, yet preventive maintenance on your automobile can also save you headaches and money Every car make has a recommended maintenance interval. These services are definitely key, but regular checkups beyond those will save you time and money in the long run. The best San Diego Auto Mechanic is an excellent and more cost effective alternative to your actual car dealer. Remember preventive maintenance is a strong building block to a healthy automobile, considering most auto repair bills are due to the customers lack of maintenance. Many people visit our shop that have neglected their cars. We hope that our site will educate you about using more preventive measures so you can avoid those expensive repairs that always seem to be inevitable.

Regular maintenance from a San Diego Auto Mechanic can be a broad subject to discuss, but the tips we can give you will make it easier to understand. The first and most obvious thing to do is use your automobile’s manual and read about the proper service for your make and model. These small steps will create your foundation to keep a reliable vehicle..

Finding a reliable auto mechanic, that services or repairs only what is needed on the vehicle and knows how to perform the proper services will be the final task to a saving money on your automobile.

Here at Danny’s Garage, we know what it takes to fix, service and save money on any vehicle manufactured. As San Diego’s Best Auto Mechanics, we strive on educating our customers on taking care of and fixing their vehicle. Everyone knows that San Diego has it’s fair share of auto mechanic rip-offs. Ensuring that we protect our customers from the scam artists in the auto repair industry is our mission.

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Vehicle Maintenance Record Keeping Tips

Auto repairs can be a big pain in the neck, but there are many steps you can take to avoid some of the stress. Let me share three super simple ways that I use every day to keep track of auto maintenance on my own vehicles.

The most obvious method you can use is a simple trip record book that you keep in your glove box, write down the mileage on your vehicle when you get out of it every evening, along with any expenses you’ve had during the day. These notes can include gasoline expenses, oil change schedules, etc.

1. Implement a Calendar System.

Keep a general record of auto related items in your calendar. This includes oil changes, hose and belt replacement, tire repair, and other nitty gritty details of upkeep and maintenance. I tuck any receipts inside the calendar and write them off at the end of the year on my taxes. Keep the calendars in a file after you’re done for the year and you’ll have a record of all maintenance when you are ready to sell your vehicle.

Auto repair is always an unwelcomed issue when service is needed unexpectedly. If you keep great records of all of your auto maintenance and service, not only can you prevent unnecessary breakdowns in the future, you’ll also be able to show your San Diego auto mechanic what has been done to your car in the past. This can help the shop identify any issues and better assess what needs to be done, if anything.

Stay tuned for more free tips on how to keep a well maintained vehicle in your household.

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